The Bi-National Community

The Vision

The Most Competitive Land Port in the Americas:  The Bi-National Community is the model of cross-border development incorporating the largest inland port including coordinated sustainable master plans, foreign trade zones, industrial efficiencies, a secured border region, quality residential living, joint health care and education programs all centered around the Santa Teresa/San Jeronimo Port of Entry, on the New Mexico-Chihuahua border.  This community encompasses more than 70,000 acres, combining truck, rail and air services to destinations worldwide creating a globally competitive industrial and logistics platform.


The Binational Community’s Competitive Advantages Stem From:

  • Equidistance to the seaports of Long Beach and Houston, and integrated into the Northern Economic Corridor in Mexico connected to the Pacific seaports by both rail and highway
  • More than 70,000 acres of master planned land for industrial, commercial and residential development, including 2,000+ acres of rail-served industrial land
  • Foreign Trade Zone (U.S.) adjacent to Recinto Fiscalizado Estratégico (Mexico) on border
  • Efficient border crossing that handles commercial oversize and overweight loads
  • Easternmost land crossing on the US-Mexico border
  • Inland port with full intermodal capabilities planned on both sides of the border
  • Juarez railroad bypass project
  • Dona Ana County Airport runway expansion to serve cargo – currently a preferred airport for executives
  • One of three proposed pilot program for Dual Customs Clearance facility between the US and Mexico
  • Common industrial clusters
  • Central corridor of the NAFTA region


  • Commitment from both governors to economic development through cross-border cooperation
  • Creation of a world-class industrial zone and a globally recognized and competitive community
  • Model of sustainable development
  • Increase the work skills of the local employment base
  • Ability to recruit large OEM’s that locate operations on both sides of the border
  • Tax base will be increased
  • Attraction of local and foreign investment
  • Creation of thousands of jobs
  • Economic prosperity for the region – ability to raise per capita income



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