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Legislative Recap


HB 24 (Overweight bill):

This bill passed both houses and is sitting on the governor’s desk waiting for her signature.  Because this bill was endorsed by the governor during the session, it is a given that she will sign this.  After signature, this bill will become law on July 1st.

What is the Border Industrial Association?


“The Border Industrial Association is the premier advocacy industrial organization in New Mexico that focuses on improving the business environment for companies engaged in value-added operations.”

–Border Industrial Mission Statement


The BIA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization consisting of over 50 members

Barela Points To Southern Border as N.M. Area for Near-Term Economic Growth

Jon Barela, NM Economic Development Secretary

From the Albuquerque Journal
By Winthrop Quigley
Wednesday, 23 March 2011 12:49

The state’s Economic Development Department secretary-designate tells Economic Forum that “lowest hanging fruit” for New Mexico job creation is along the border with Mexico

New Mexico’s near-term economic growth will likely come from its southern border, Jon Barela, Economic Development Department secretary-designate, told the Economic Forum on Wednesday in Albuquerque.

Legislative Update – Post Mortem


The legislative session ended today at 12 PM. Both the House and the Senate imploded with filibusters on both sides that resulted in no capital outlay projects being funded for anybody in the state – this includez our LEDA Funds. There is talk that a special session will need to take place possibly in August to address the redistricting issue and capital outlay. We may pick up the bulk of our LEDA funds then.